Aging in Place


Retirees Want At-Home Solutions

More than ever the market for accessibility solutions is booming – literally. The first waves of retiring baby boomers are joining seniors who want to remain at home as they age. Consider these statistics:

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2030 there will be approximately 71.5 million Americans over the age of 65. That number is more than twice what it was in 2000, and represents nearly 20% of the entire projected U.S. population in 2030.
  • Currently, the majority of seniors aged 65 and older are living either with a spouse or alone in their own home.

For many elders, quality of life decreases as they age and they begin to struggle with everyday tasks, their health care, and living independently in their own homes. Fortunately, planning and expert help can make life much easier.

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place is a term used to describe a person living in the residence of their choice for as long as they are able, as they age. Accomplishing this requires planning and making deliberate choices about your home and surroundings. Consider these questions as you make your own plan:

  • How do you want to spend your retirement years?
  • How do you want your home to be set up?
  • What will your health care choices be?
  • Which types of assistance are right for you?
  • What are your wishes for major life events (sickness, housing transitions, financial decisions, etc)?

Making these choices gives you control over your independence, quality of life, and dignity. Perhaps most importantly, aging in place doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. It means you get to plan how your needs are met, who meets them, and when.

How Can Reliant Mobility Help?

Your home will be the hub of all your needs as you age in place. As a result, it must have features that will remain accommodating as your needs change with age. Reliant Mobility offers a full range of mobility services and are experts in universal design construction and remodeling techniques. We also offer installation services for a wide range of stair lifts, accessibility ramps, ceiling lifts, and other residential accessibility products to fit almost every situation and budget.

Long after we’ve left your project, we still provide support and service to maintain your adaptations. As time passes, remaining at home is not just the preferred choice. The high cost of assisted-living also makes it the economical one. Reliant Mobility’s accessibility solutions are valued investments, designed to fit our customer’s lifestyle and budget.