Mobility & Accessibility Remodeling


Service Offerings

At Reliant Mobility, we specialize in mobility and accessibility remodeling including the installation of a number products designed to provide more freedom and longevity of lifestyle. They include:

  • Accessibility & Mobility
    • Handicap Ramps & Chair Lifts
    • Grab Bars
    • Specialty Toilets
    • Residential Elevators
    • Stair Lifts, Vertical Platform Lifts
  • ADA Compliance
    • Commercial Accessibility Applications
    • Walk-In Tubs, Barrier-Free Showers, ADA No Lip Showers
    • Slip-Resistant Applications
    • Patient Ceiling Lifts
    • Modifications for Developmentally Challenged
  • Aging in Place & Universal Design
    • Door Widening
    • Cabinetry Modifications
    • Concrete Widening & Repairs
    • Assistive Equipment Technology
    • Stairs & Handrails

Let us help you minimize limitations and provide you with the tools needed to move forward. Ask one of our associates how we can tailor your home to your lifestyle needs.