Reliant Solutions Residential Construction

At Reliant, new construction was the beginning of our start and today is still the joy of our making.

Building homes has been an extension of our creativity. Building dreams for our customers has always had a humbling rewarding affect and is part of what makes our company stand above the rest.

Big or small our quality carries to the next level. From the Coast to the mountains our areas of expertise meets no boundaries. We look forward to building on a lot you may have already chosen. We can also help assist in the endeavor of your new dream location with our talented Real Estate associates and contacts throughout the Pacific Northwest.

What makes the difference in a Reliant Home?

Our homeowners including Real Estate agents and our subcontractors have told us that we are the difference. It’s the differences in the detail and quality that show through.

While meeting with our customers and now many who are friends we are able to visualize what our customers are thinking to its end stage. In the early processes of pulling your thoughts together on your home or business we are able to help our clients look through the layers and decipher the wants and the needs. This perception has allowed us to relay to our customers what that may look like and then help them define the flow of their new home or project. This sets the tone for the wants and needs that reflect our owner’s dreams. It is then that we are able to start defining the even smaller niceties that make the difference in the homes, businesses, remodels and renovations we build.

Our company has the ability to work with vast energy efficient designs and technology that we apply through LEED Technology processes. There are many products that are certified Energy star systems that we use and as well there are also geothermal systems that can be used to heat the air and water systems in your home through radiant floor heating. The building process is always changing and we are always looking forward to applying these proven products.