What To Expect

Initial Contact

Whomever you talk with at Reliant Construction Solutions & Mobility will ask a number of questions to determine how we could best respond to your inquiry:

  • Name, first and last;
  • Spouse, first and last;
  • Business, designated contacts?;
  • Type of work;
  • Project you’d like to have done;
  • Who referred you to Reliant?;
  • If it was a person, what is their name? How do you know them?;
  • If it was marketing, what / where / when?; Duplicate
  • Our goal has been to have lasting repeat clients. Have you already talked with someone from Reliant Custom Remodeling and construction? If so who and when?;
  • Mailing address;
  • Address where work is to be done/ Municipality where work is to be done Home or Business;
  • Telephone;
  • Work telephone
  • Cell phone;
  • E-mail address;
  • Style of Project-Business or Home;
  • When you would like to have the work done?;
  • Started?;
  • Completed?;
  • Do you already have plans / blue prints for the project?;
  • If yes, who is the design professional who did them for you? Will they be working with us on the project?;
  • If no, are you looking for us to work with you on the design?;
  • What are you looking for in a contractor?;
  • Why did you call Reliant Custom Construction and renovations? How long have you been thinking about this project?;
  • From the information you give us we’ll be better able to determine who will be the best Consultant to work with you on this project.;

Emergency Projects

While you’re still on the phone we’ll schedule one of our tradesmen to come to your home and address the issue.

Handyman Projects

For handyman / small repair type projects the work is usually completed Time & Material where you may choose to pay by the hour, half or full day. We’ll ask more questions so that we can try to have the right tools and materials with us when we come to your home. Many times we will need to come to your home or business first to see what is needed and then pick up materials.

Remodeling & Design / New Construction Build Projects

We offer an initial consultation with one of our Consultants at no cost to you.

The initial appointment is certainly to learn about the project you have in mind. It’s also an opportunity for us to get to know each other and get a feel for your project on a more personal level as these projects are. We’ll make some notes as we go along then we’ll talk about the next steps.


It’s important for you to establish a realistic budget for the project(s) you’re planning.


Photos are taken on a regular basis during the project and at the end for our records. If you have photos or magazines this is always a great idea to help express your thoughts and get things on track to the realization of your project.

Meeting Notes

Before the second meeting we will write up meeting notes from the initial consultation and e-mail them to you to be sure that we heard and understood what you are looking for.

Opinion of Probable Costs

After our initial consultation we will invest some more time to introduce your project to a few members of our team to review the meeting notes and digital photos or other pertinent information that our Consultant made from their meeting with you. Based on our years of experience with similar projects and referencing some industry standards, we may be able to provide to you a dollar range in our “Opinion of Probable Costs” document. We’ll invite you to meet for a second appointment. There is sure to be some things you would like to see and a few items that we thought of when talking with you about your project that we would like to further show you.

Project Development

If you’d like to work with Reliant and are comfortable with the budget that’s been proposed, the next step will be to enter into a Project Development Agreement. Lets get started!!!

Development Team

  • Your Development will consist of following personnel as needed: Renovation or Construction Consultant serving as the point person
  • Certified Aging in Place Specialist – CAPS
  • Project Developer
  • Quality Estimator
  • Production Supervisor Certified Remodeler, New Construction or job site superintendent
  • Certified Lead Carpenter
  • Building Inspector / Municipal Authorities

Site Visit

A time will be set when the Reliant Consultant and Architect or Designer can meet with you at your home or business to:

  • Go over the scope of work
  • Ask more questions
  • Measure or talk of the existing spaces that will be worked on or built.

This information may be needed for input into our or your Architects or designers CAD (Computer Aided Design) system. Depending on the size and complexity of the existing or new project or proposed project(s) it may take multiple hours to do all of the ancillary, measuring or analytics of the projects nature.

Contact the local municipal officials for:

  • Plot plan – drawing of your property
  • Zoning laws for the property
  • Building codes for the property.


As-Built Drawings

Draw or design the areas that will be worked on as the basis to begin the plans for the new spaces. If it is New Construction, Renovations or Additions provide a layout or picture of the structure as to how it will sit on the property.

Schematic Plans

Generally your Architect/Designer or ours will draw 2 – 3 preliminary plans for you to see and help us narrow down the direction you want the project to go. At this point we haven’t put a whole lot of thought into the pretty parts of design and the necessary structural components. We’ll do that when you have given us the go ahead with a specific concept plan.

Design Review I

  • We’ll set a meeting with the designer or architect to show you the schematic plans that were developed for you. You’ll review the drawings.
  • There is usually one version that catches people’s interest but often times it’s really a blending of the ideas we’ve presented into one that will work for you.
  • This is your project not ours, so tell us what you really think.
  • We’ll work together to tweak the design and we can make some changes while you’re watching. Revisit the Budget.


Each time you visit a showroom you’ll be asked to begin the process of making material / product selections.

Some projects such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Boardrooms, Storefronts, Wheel chair ramps, elevators etc can have many selections to choose from. We find that people grow weary if we try to make all of the decisions at the same time. Start with something that catches your eye and we will work from that choice to coordinate the rest of the items. There are a lot of things in the showrooms, but there’s often the need to visit showrooms of our suppliers and manufacturers multiple times to pull together the flow that is needed to set your project apart. We will assist you start to finish and accompany you to offsite showrooms if needed. We’re here to help.

Design Review II

At your next appointment the preliminary design should be pretty close to what you are looking for.

We will have put some thought into how we’re going to build it and may have questions for you, and you for us.

Design Approval

When you’ve given us the go ahead we’ll develop the plans so that we can do a detailed estimate of materials and labor that it will take to do the project Development of Costs.

We use a proprietary computer estimating system that connects with a database of our own previous experience as to how long it takes to do the multitude of tasks associated with the tasks at hand, breaking labor units down to help produce costs and timelines.

Employees of Reliant can do most trades. However, it may be best for cost and scheduling to outsource portions of your project to qualified trade contractors.

With firm numbers in hand, we’ll schedule a meeting to go over them with you.

We’ll include a list of options that you asked about along the way, which you may choose to include them with the project.

Construction Contract

When you’ve given us permission to move forward with the project we’ll compile the specifications into a detailed written format and complete the plans to be ready for permit applications.

These documents become the basis for the contract.

Permits & Inspections

Your municipality will require permits before work may begin on your project.

Reliant will make this application on your behalf and will arrange for the required inspections.

Pre-Construction Conference

Before we start work on your project we will schedule a Pre-Construction Conference meeting at a pre designated location or the work site. Prior to this meeting the Development team will have gone over the project with the Project Manager. Together with you, we’ll go over the project again to be sure we are all heading the same direction.


Our Project Managers have cell phones and sometimes-fixed phones and fax machines on site.
Our office is staffed during business hours with access to telephones, faxes and email.
You’ll never struggle to connect with one of us.
As the project begins the Project Manager will communicate with you what’s happening and the schedule for the foreseeable future.


We will ask for a deposit upon signing the Construction Contract with the rest of the payments spread throughout the project tied to milestones that you can know have been accomplished.